Redfern Co-living 2Co-living


Redfern Co-living 2 Co-living


State Significant Development Application (SSD) In partnership with EG Funds

Currently under assessment, the proposed 7 storey and 120 room co-living development in Redfern will be an exemplar for co-living developments. It proposes to achieve excellence of communal spaces and room amenity and is of a high aesthetic standard that will provide valuable housing in the area.

The materiality of the proposal integrates with the streetscape, utilising materials that reflect and interpret the surroundings. Additionally, the integration of indigenous design motifs, feature artwork wall, regeneration of and permeable connections to native landscaping, connects the building to the site and Country.

Extensive common spaces are proposed, including a cafe, co-working / commercial / retail tenancies, and multipurpose activity spaces, that promote social interactions, community, and gathering.